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Why our new Hop Delivery System changes the dry hopping game

Marks - July 17, 2019 - 0 comments

Here at Marks, we’re always thinking about ways to make the brew process more effective and more efficient. We love beer, and we’re proud to help you make beer better.

That’s why we’re pretty excited about our new Hop Delivery System we launched today. We think this little guy has the potential to be big. Really big. Actually, launched is a good word, because, look at this thing – it looks like it should be giving you directions to the next galaxy.

What makes the Hop Delivery System – we call it HDS – so different is that it takes the guesswork out of your dry hop process. Here’s what that means for you:

  • Less Waste – Precision matters. The HDS design increases hop utilization and saves you money by preventing wasted hops – and gives you better aroma and flavor.
  • Cleaner Brews – Cleaner means control. The HDS is a closed system – it dry hops without exposing your brew to the elements and contaminants.
  • Safety First – Our sleek, portable design removes hard-piping headaches and risky ladder climbs with 44 pounds of hops in tow.
  • Easy to Use – The revolutionary HDS design is an all-new take on dry-hopping. It uses less CO2and pressure than similar systems – no need for a pump.

So, about that changing-the-dry-hopping-game thing. Here’s how the HDS works: Most hop delivery designs involve purging the air from the vessel with CO2, then shooting the hops with a huge blast of CO2 into the top of the fermenter.

We didn’t like that idea. The high pressure means a higher price tag and multiple inspections during the fabrication process. Plus, think of all that CO2 you’re wasting during the process. Like we said, we were not fans.

So, we decided to do it better.

The HDS purges the air with CO2. Then it pulls the beer into the vessel from the fermenter and creates a hop slurry. It uses CO2 to push the hop slurry to the top of the fermenter without the giant blast.

That means we use half the pressure of similar dry-hopping systems and do it in a design that’s sleeker, more portable and easier to use. HDS gives you control of your dry hopping process and eliminates risks that waste money and ruin good batches. It uses half the pressure of similar dry hopping units and doesn’t require an ASME high pressure rating. We’re literally taking the pressure out of the dry hopping process.

We’re offering the HDS in three separate sizes – Atlas, Titan and Saturn – ranging from 1 bbl. with a 120-pound T-90 pellet hop capacity all the way up to a 3 bbl. with a 360-pound T-90 pellet hop capacity. You can read more about the HDS, its specs and how to purchase one for your brewery on our website. For an additional boost in your hop utilization, we designed the HDS to be compatible with our sanitary mixer and VFD.

Like everything Marks does, we designed and built the Hop Delivery System from the ground up at our Vancouver, Wa., facility using the finest food and beverage-grade American-sourced stainless-steel.

Why do we put so much care into our products? Because we’re dedicated to building the highest-quality brewing equipment available that gets the job done right the first time.