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Brite Tanks

Marks Design & Metalworks can provide your brewery with the brite tanks you need from 5 to 1500 barrels. We’re glad to make your single wall serving tanks and your jacketed Brite Beer Tanks.

Marks Design and Metalworks - custom stainless steel brite tanks
Marks Design and Metalworks - custom stainless steel brite tanks for American made brew houses


Marks Brite Tank features:

  • Food and beverage grade 304/304L stainless steel construction
  • Produced from USA Manufactured Stainless Steel Sheet Metal
  • All Interior welds with product contact ground to a smooth 180 grit sanitary finish
  • Tank shell and cooling jackets are designed to operate at 14.9 PSI
  • Brite/Serving tanks are designed with 20% headspace unless requested
  • Interior tank shell is 12ga with a 2b finish stainless
  • The tank has a high R-value with 1 1/2″ thick layer of insulation
  • The sidewalls and bottom are insulated as standard but tops can be insulated as well
  • The exterior is clad in 14ga #4 polished stainless
  • The tank legs have adjustable foot pads drilled for floor anchors
  • Manway options are either: top, side depending on your preference
  • All manways are custom designed to be sanitary and easily cleaned
  • Cooling zones located on the sidewall and dish of tank
  • The tank is equipped with a removable CIP assembly, with multiple spray ball options
  • Site Tube
  • A removable top or down-tube mounted with a VPRV
  • Drain extension tubes
  • Drain Hanger
  • Shell mounted sample port
  • Shell mounted carbonation port
  • Shell mounted temperature sensor well
  • (1) Perlick style sample valve
  • (2) sanitary butterfly valves
  • Lifting ears
  • All clamps and gaskets to attach all accessories

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