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Brewing Systems

Marks Design and Metalworks - brew tanks Oregon - brew tanks United States

Marks offers a wide range of brewing systems to meet your company’s specific needs. As with all Marks equipment, we can customize any of the brewhouse vessels to work with your current equipment and facility. Our in-house engineering and design teams are available to make sure that every aspect of your new brewhouse meet your brewing specifications and production needs.

From 5 to 150 barrels, two to six vessel, steam or direct fired, we can build you the exact brewery your craft beer demands.

Marks is capable of providing you with custom control systems specifically integrated to work with your particular brewing needs. 5 barrel all manual 2 vessel systems to fully automated 150 barrel 6 vessel breweries, we have the control system you need to brew the beer your customers demand.

Some of the brewhouse vessels we can provide include:

Combi Mash/Lauter Tun with and an integrated Hot Liquor Tank to save of valuable floor space

Dedicated Mash Tun with variable speed high efficiency mixing system for maximum extract

Single vessel Lauter Tun with variable speed and height rake and plow system with automatic grain out

High efficiency Kettle with a variety of heating applications to maximize

Properly sized Whirlpool for maximum trub pile formation and superior wort separation.

Combination Kettle Whirlpools that provide the best of each individual vessel.


With an in-house design and engineering crew, we can work directly with your brewery team and provide 3D modeling and proper Piping and Instrument Design to give you the brewhouse you desire.


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